Daniel 9

The Determined Time


What if there existed a prophecy in the Old Testament, that foretold the exact period, even the year in which the long-awaited Messiah would make his appearance? Would that not be a prophecy of major importance? Would you not think that it would hold special interest for the people of Israel?

Daniel chapter nine is such a prophecy. In this portion of the book of Daniel, he records for us an encounter he had with the angel Gabriel, who gives him a prophecy of Seventy sevens or heptads.

Within this period of Seventy sevens, God will accomplish many great and wonderful things regarding "thy people and thy holy city." He will do all this through the work of one who is called the Messiah the Prince.

Another important reason for studying the prophecy of Daniel 9, is understanding where certain prevalent teachings come from. For instance, do you know where the idea of a seven year tribulation comes from? Yes, Jesus spoke of a "great tribulation" in His Olivet Discourse, but He doesn't say it will last seven years. So where does that come from? You guessed it, right here in Daniel 9. However, Daniel does not mention a seven year tribulation. So how did it come about? Read on and you'll see.

One other common teaching that is floating around out there, is also taken from Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks. This is the idea that a future personality known as the antichrist will make a seven year covenant or agreement with Israel, then in the midst of this seven years, he will break that agreement. Have you ever heard of this? Probably. This also is carved out of Daniel 9, even though Daniel never mentions anyone called antichrist or an agreement being broken in the middle of a seven year period. So where did this come from? Again, you'll see.

In connection with all this, you will also understand some basic rules of Bible Study. You will understand the difference between two methods of reading and studying the Bible. You will known the difference between eisegesis and exegesis. This will go a long way in helping you to truly rightly divide the Word.

So as you can see, Daniel chapter 9 is full of great and exciting things. So let’s get started.