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The Guiding Principle
The best interpreter of the Bible is the Bible itself. The New Testament is the only infallible interpreter of the Old Testament. Therefore, the New Testament writings contain “both the principles and methods of a sound, trustworthy exegesis.” Jesus and His Apostles are our only divinely inspired interpreters to sound prophetic understanding. Where the New Testament speaks to and interprets Old Testament prophecy, it is to be accepted above all other voices. One cannot claim to be a true New Testament believer, while rejecting the plain and clear New Testament interpretation.

Antichrist Is Here

John Reveals Antichrist Identity

The Apostle John is the only New Testament writer to teach concerning Antichrist. He tells us where antichrist came from, what antichrist believes, and where antichrist lives.

Don't be sucked-in by the glitter and glamour of the modern, Hollywood-style persona of Antichrist. This has little to do with the true picture the Bible paints.

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Kingdom Finances

In The First Century Church

In Five Parts

How did the First Century Church handle their finances? Do churches today order their finances and ministries in the same way the First Century Church did? Are modern churches following the Apostolic example and model of how to take collections for their assemblies? Did the First Century Church tithe to finance its programs and ministries?

You might be surprised how different the Early Church handled its finances, compared with today's Church.

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The Kingdom Shall Be Taken Away

Jesus Pronounced This Judgment On Natural Israel

In Three Parts

After cleansing the temple for a second time, Jesus told the Pharisees and chief priests the parable of the wicked husbandmen. In the final lesson, Jesus pronounced this judgment upon them. He told them that the kingdom would be taken away from them and given to a nation who would bring forth the proper fruit. Who was this nation?

Jesus took the kingdom away from one Israel and gave it to another Israel.

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The Synagogue of Satan

The Ancient and Modern Adversary of the Body of Christ.

From the lips of Jesus Himself, comes the acknowledgement of an assembly which acts as an adversary to His Body of Redeemed. The discovery of who comprises this assembly, this synagogue, is not difficult. It is however, a shock to most Christians, because they may find themselves supporting the very body who seeks their destruction. Their schemes attack from within by infiltration and from without through agents with differing names and faces. Their ultimate goal is the demise of Christian culture and influence, resulting in a world dominion of which they are lords.

Do not confuse being anti-Semitic with anti-Talmudic.

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The Coming of the Son of man

No Puzzle Chewing Required.

In Three Parts

The subject of the "coming of the Son of man" has been the focus of misunderstanding and confusion. It even caused one prominent Christian author to regard one of the sayings of Jesus as, "the most embarassing verse in the Bible." Part of the problem is that we remove this concept from its true setting and conflate it with the Second Coming. This is where all the trouble begins.

If we can keep the sayings concerning the coming of the Son of man in its context, without forcing our own meaning into it, we can come to a true understanding of what Jesus meant. Then we can stop chewing off the ends of puzzle pieces to make things fit and we won't have to be embarassed any longer.

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A Presence or A Coming?

In Two Parts

When Jesus informed the disciples that not one stone of the temple would be left standing upon another, they began to inquire when this should take place. They also associated two other events with this destruction. They asked about the sign of his Parousia, and the consummation of the age. When the disciples asked about His Parousia, they were not asking about the timing of His Second Coming. They were asking about His ascension to the throne of His father, David. They had a misconception about His taking the reigns of kingship of Israel, as many do today.

Parousia is probably the best kept secret in Christian eschatology. It has been hidden under the cloak of being translated as, coming. This is far from accurate.

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Fulfillment of Abrahamic Land Promises

Promises Made Are Promises Kept, to Natural Israel and to Christ, the Promised Seed.

Was the promise of land which God made to Abraham fulfilled? Some will answer this question, No. However, what does the Scripture say? There is an abundance of evidence from the Bible that Natural Israel did indeed receive from the Lord all the land that was promised to Abraham. It is also evident that the Seed of Promise, Christ, has also received His Inheritance as promised.

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The Determined Time

A Fresh Look At Daniel Chapter Nine

Fulfilled prophecy is the Fingerprint of God. God's fingerprints are all over the prophecy found in Daniel chapter nine. One of the most unique characteristics of this prophecy, that others are lacking, is the time element. Contained within the prophecy is a time-frame, Seventy Sevens or Weeks. It also has its own stated starting point and termination point. When Daniel 9 is viewed in its actual setting and language, it is a beautiful prophecy of the Coming of the Messiah Prince, Jesus of Nazareth and all that He would accomplish.

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The Only Sign Given

Why Can't Most Christians Count To Three?

The Jews required a sign of Jesus to validate His claim of being the Messiah sent from God. He said that no sign would be given that evil and adulterous generation except the sign of the prophet Jonah. Just so there was no misunderstanding, He explains what the sign of Jonah was, "as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."

Somehow this sign is a complete mystery and an unsolvable math problem. We treat this as though Jesus was speaking in some secret code, which one needs a secret decoder ring to figure out. We go to great lengths to explain why three days and three nights, is not really three days and three nights. We have even gone so far as to deny the trustworthiness of the Word of God itself, so that we may keep the Friday afternoon to Sunday morning scheme intact. For example . . .

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Biblical Predestination

It is not a heaven or hell issue

The issue of Predestination has long been looked at as you are either predetermined to go to heaven or hell. But this is not the picture we get from the Scriptures. Most will put this issue in "either, or" terms. You are either a Calvinist or an Arminian in your view.

Isn't it interesting that men want you to take theological sides, based not upon the Scriptures, but based upon their own sectarian positions or definitions. It is particularly sad, when we draw lines in the dust over issues that we believe we understand, when in truth, we are misrepresenting the truth. Predestination is one of those issues, that has suffered at the hands of men. This issue is not a Calvinist or an Arminian one. It is not a heaven or hell issue. At least not as far as the Scriptures are concerned.

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Binding & Loosing

What The Scriptures Really Say About It.

The topic of binding and loosing has for the most part been relegated to the arena of spiritual warfare, in particular, it used in reference to the binding of demons and the loosing of angels. At least this seems to be the usual practice in most Charismatic circles.

However, we must ask ourselves one very important question. "Is this the intent and teaching of Jesus, as regards this issue of binding and loosing?" The short answer is No. We do not see Jesus or the disciples, at any time, binding demons but casting them out. We also don't see them practicing loosing angels (unless you count Revelation). Let us look at this issue within the context which it was spoken and in which it was meant to be understood.

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Jesus, Our Covenant Man

Our Salvation is based upon Covenant. Do you know what this really means?

In Fifteen Parts

As believers in Jesus, we understand that we are partakers of the New Covenant, which Jesus cut in His own blood. But do we really understand how we came into this relationship. There is a common misconception, that God made this New Covenant with the Church, or with us as believers. If we look closely at what the Scriptures teach concerning this Covenant, it will be quite revealing, exactly who the Covenant is with. Throughout Biblical History, God has made many covenants with man. And all of these covenants were made with a man, which had its effect upon the whole of the people.

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Did Jesus Go To Hell?

An Answer To Copeland's Heretical Teaching

There is a teaching floating around certain circles, mostly among the charismatic/word of faith circles, that when Jesus died, he descended into the torments of hell, in order to complete our salvation. Some have even went so far as to say, that his death on the cross is not what gained salvation for man, but it was his torment in hell.

Some very "popular" teachers are advocating such a position, which is being propagated on the most watched "christian" television network in the world and the largest source of heretical teaching known to modern man, The Balaam Network. Here is one quote by Kenneth Copeland, to the effect that it wasn't Jesus' death that brought salvation, but his torment in hell.

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