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The Guiding Principle
The best interpreter of the Bible is the Bible itself. The New Testament is the only infallible interpreter of the Old Testament. Therefore, the New Testament writings contain “both the principles and methods of a sound, trustworthy exegesis.” Jesus and His Apostles are our only divinely inspired interpreters to sound prophetic understanding. Where the New Testament speaks to and interprets Old Testament prophecy, it is to be accepted above all other voices. One cannot claim to be a true New Testament believer, while rejecting the plain and clear New Testament interpretation.

Our Covenant


"For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are being sanctified.” [Heb. 10:14].

Here in this one verse, we find a powerful truth. That is, by the one time, once-for-all offering of Jesus, he has completed/perfected those who are being sanctified, or set apart unto God. You will find no ‘if’ clause here. Let us look closer at this verse. The word ‘perfected’(#5048), in its Greek verbal form means,

1. to consummate, to place in a condition of finality.

2. to perfect or advance to a completeness, needing no further provision.

3. to be brought to the goal, to reach the end of the course.

4. to advance a person to completeness of character.

The phrase ‘are being sanctified’ comes from the verb, hagiadzo. This word contains the idea of separation and cleansing. It is ‘to make holy’, by separating for holy use, and making clean or fit for that use. This verb is in what is called the Perfect Tense. Dana and Mantey, in their manual of Greek grammar, says this concerning the perfect tense.

"It implies a process, but views that process as having reached its consummation and existing in a finished state. The significance of the perfect tense in presenting action as having reached its termination and existing in its finished results lies at the basis of its uses."

The perfect views an action in its completed state. It is a process that is viewed as finished. We are being sanctified, while at the same time, stand in a state of having been sanctified. In the view of God, our sanctification is a completed event, because of the death and offering of Jesus.

So here we have the wonderful truth of this verse. By the one offering of Jesus, HE has brought to completeness, to the goal, placing in the condition of finality FOREVER, those who are in the state of being cleansed and set apart for God. There is no room in this verse for the works of man. IT IS THE ONE OFFERING OF JESUS! HE IS THE ONE DOING THE COMPLETING AND PERFECTING FOREVER. AND THOSE HE HAS PERFECTED, ARE BEING CLEANSED AND SET APART TO BRING THAT COMPLETION INTO A MANIFESTED REALITY. Every action performed in this verse is by the Hand of God.