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 Talmud, the main area of application that we find the discussion of the Onah is concerning the uncleanness of a woman. If you look at the Wikipedia entry concerning Onah, you will find that the entire article is taken up with the topic of a woman’s time of uncleanness (her time of menstruation).
This is the main weakness of the Friday to Sunday theory. It relies heavily upon the opinion supplied by Talmudic Pharisees, to tell us what the words of Jesus the Messiah means. I should not have to point out the lunacy of such a position. However, I must.
Before we dive into this area, allow me to state that this has nothing to do with any antisemitic feelings. It has everything to do with the sad position that many Christians have put themselves in, by relying upon the words of the Pharisees to help them interpret the plain words of Jesus the Messiah.
Reliance Upon Faulty Sources
Our reliance upon the opinions of the rabbis to assist us with the interpretation of New Testament writings, is lunacy at its finest. It is as though we have completely forgotten the opinion of Jesus concerning these pharisaic rabbis.
Robert Stein, in his book, "Jesus the Messiah", says this concerning the Talmud and its report of Jesus,
“The key question that arises involves the origin of these rabbinic references. The value of these passages would be greatly enhanced if they originated from contemporaries of Jesus who were eyewitnesses of the events they were reporting. This would be true even though they presented the side of Jesus' opponents. On several occasions, however, aspects of these accounts seem to be due less to eyewitness reports than to later Jewish interaction with the teachings and claims of the early church. This is especially true with respect for such matters as the claim that a forty-day search for witnesses on Jesus' behalf preceded his trial and, if the accounts refer to Jesus, to his birth being due not to virginal conception but to adultery on the part of his mother. As a result, the rabbinic materials are primarily valuable for providing information

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