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  Just In Case You Were Thinking
In a day where any comment perceived as negative against those who identify as Jews, is viewed as antisemitic, there is a possibility that someone could misrepresent what has been said as just that. This would be quite unfortunate because I have said nothing of the sort.
First of all, I can without fear of contradiction say, that I have no negative feelings or thoughts toward any of the offspring of Shem. My savior comes from the seed of Shem, of the seed of Abraham, through the line of David. All of the apostles of the Lord were Semites.
If one were to carefully read all that I have said here, the only point being made, is that it is ridiculous for a Christian Bible Scholar or teacher, to give preference to the judgments or answers of those who were the sworn enemies of Jesus during His earthly ministry, as well as being the chief persecutors of the Church in the first century. This has nothing to do with genetics, but everything to do with the validation of the truth of God’s Word in His Messiah.
The Only Sign Given
What caused the scribes and Pharisees to demand a sign as recorded in Matthew 12?
There was a man brought to Jesus, who was both deaf and dumb. So Jesus healed him. The people who saw this healing begin to say, "Is this not the Son of David," a very definite messianic proclamation. The people began to see and speak of Jesus as the Messiah of Israel. The Jewish power structure could not allow the people’s infatuation with the carpenter from Nazareth to threaten their position any further.
Besides their personal reasons, there were more obvious political ramifications to the heralding of a Messiah, a King in Israel, i.e., a king who was not sanctioned by Rome. The proclaiming of an unsanctioned king was equal to rebellion. Rome

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