Page 45 - A True Gospel Chronology from the Crucifixion to the Resurrection
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 But when it drew on (towards day) on the Friday, [[182]] they accused him much [Mk 15.3] before Pilate; and they could show nothing that was true, but gave false witness against Him. And they asked Him of Pilate to be put to death; and they crucified Him on the same Friday.
So here we have the Last Supper/Passover being taken on Tuesday evening and Judas betraying Jesus Early Wednesday. We are then informed that Jesus was crucified by Pilate on "the Friday”.
This creates a real problem for this chronology. How do we get from the arrest early Wednesday morning, to the crucifixion on Friday? We have two full days to account for. How do we fill the time? How do we stretch the timeline from early Wednesday to Friday?
At present, the answer comes in the form of keeping Jesus "in ward,” first in the house of Caiaphas all of Wednesday, then later from Thursday morning to the crucifixion on Friday, with Pilate. This idea of Jesus being “in ward” or in prison
The Real Question
What are a Tuesday evening Supper and a Wednesday morning arrest of Jesus doing in such an early chronology? If the Thursday night Passover and arrest on early Friday morning was always the belief of the Church from apostolic doctrine, why is it even there?
There is no justifiable reason for the Tuesday/Wednesday to even be a part of this chronology, unless it belongs to an earlier tradition. This is what I believe to be the case. In reality, it is the only plausible explanation.
If we fast-forward to the Apostolic Constitutions over one-hundred years later, the Tuesday/Wednesday has completely disappeared. It advocates a Thursday night Passover/Last Supper, Friday crucifixion, and resurrection after the completion of the weekly Sabbath.
Why would the Thursday/Friday be a more acceptable chronology than the Tuesday/Wednesday? I believe it is because of some of the early fathers' inability to understand or accept the concept of two Sabbaths during Passover week. If one

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