Page 47 - A True Gospel Chronology from the Crucifixion to the Resurrection
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 And again, from the ninth hour until evening, three hours, (reckoned) a day.
And afterwards again, (there was) the night of the Sabbath of the Passion. - - But in the Gospel of Matthew it is thus written: At even on the sabbath/ when the first day of the week drew on, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the tomb. And there was a great earthquake: for an angel of the Lord came down and rolled away the stone [Mt 28 1- 2].
And again (there was) the day of the Sabbath; and then three hours of the night after the Sabbath, wherein our Lord slept.
And that was fulfilled which He said: The Son of man must pass three days and three nights in the heart of the earth [Mt 12.40], as it is written in the Gospel.
So here is the fulfillment of the three days and nights according to the Didascalia,
• He suffered till the sixth hour on Friday (9 am to noon[counted a day] - one day).
• Darkness from the sixth hour to the ninth hour (noon to 3 pm[counted a night] - one night)
• From the ninth hour to the evening (3 pm to sunset[counted a day] - two days).
• Night of the Sabbath (sunset Friday to sunrise Saturday[counted a night] - two nights).
• Sabbath day (sunrise Saturday to sunset Saturday[counted a day] - three days).
• Three hours after Sabbath (sunset Sabbath to 3 hours into Saturday night/first 3 hours of first day of week [counted a night] - three nights).
According to this reckoning, we only have 36 hours, Friday morning (9am) to Saturday evening (9pm). We then see the resurrection of Jesus three hours into the first day of the week, or what we would call Saturday night. This would place the resurrection at about 9pm on Saturday. However, this would also be counted as the first day of the week. The Catholic Encyclopedia informs us,

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