Page 5 - A True Gospel Chronology from the Crucifixion to the Resurrection
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In most any murder investigation, one of the things the investigator tries to establish is a timeline. In this two-thousand-year-old murder investigation,1 we know who put out the hit on the victim, and why. We know who carried out the execution, and why. We have the testimony of several eye-witnesses. We have the testimony of the victim himself.
This murder investigation is different from any in history. The victim didn't stay dead. He came back. He told us He would come back and when. The witnesses gave us the events from the time of His death to the time He came back.
The issue at stake here is the credibility of the victim and His witnesses. It is His word that we must be able to validate and the word of His witnesses. The job of the jury is to take the facts of the case, as given by credible witnesses, and judge whether they are believable. If they are, then the jury must come to a conclusion solely based upon their words. Did any of them lie, or misstate the facts? Do they agree or do they contradict each other?
When Jesus said He would be in the “heart of the earth three days and three nights,” He was not making idle chit-chat with those around Him. This was a prophetic word given to those who had challenged His claims and validity as God’s true representative. The timeline of the three days and three nights is the validation of this prophetic fulfillment. It is the fulfillment of the only sign given, the sign of the prophet, Jonah.
Many have established a timeline, but unfortunately, it has proven to be erroneous. It is not consistent with the facts of the case. All of the events testified to by the witnesses, cannot fit into the established timeline. Therefore we must establish a new one.
To do this, we must allow the events given to us by the witnesses to remain within their stated days, times, and order. However, before we get to that, we need to understand why the established timeline is faulty.
1 There are two sides of this death, the human and the divine. This was a murder, plain and simple, from the human side, however from the divine side, it was an offering ordained from the foundations of the world.

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